Support Student Learning with Scratch 3.0 Tutorials

Students can use the Scratch 3.0 tutorials to learn how to create a variety of projects — from stories to games to animations.

The Scratch Team shows how to use the new tutorials.

Where can I find the tutorials?

The tutorials are located in the Scratch project editor.

Click the Tutorials button in the navigation bar to choose a tutorial.

When you choose a tutorial, it appears in a window within the Scratch project editor.

Each tutorial starts with a video that shows inspiring project examples. Some of the tutorials have multiple steps: click the green arrow to see each step.

How can students use them?

Students can use the tutorials to learn the basics of Scratch, get project ideas, discover new strategies, or find inspiration when they’re feeling stuck.

Students can use the tutorials at their own pace, trying out different blocks and techniques as they are introduced. You can encourage students to choose their own images, words, and sounds to express their creativity.

What is the learning philosophy behind the tutorials?

The goal of the tutorials is to provide inspiring starting points for learning Scratch. The tutorials are open-ended and designed to encourage students to experiment, follow their interests, and express their own ideas.

What other learning resources are available?

See the Ideas page to download additional resources, including printable Scratch Coding Cards and Educator Guides that show how you can plan classes or workshops using the tutorials and cards.