Peer Learning with Scratch

This month, we talked about how to support students in learning with their peers.

Eric and Alexa introduce this month’s theme.


Minute with Mitch

“When people think about thinking, they often think of a lone individual in deep contemplation. But most creative thinking doesn’t happen that way.”

Featured Resource

Pass It On

Engage students in building on each other’s work with this activity from the ScratchEd Team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Research on Scratch

Natalie’s Notes

How do you scaffold peer learning?

Featured Resource

Scratch Educator Meetups

Create, learn, share and reflect at peer designed professional learning experiences, organized by the ScratchEd team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

SiP Tips: Strategies for Supporting Peer Learning

Miguel Rene

Little Teachers Program


Modeling Peer Learning


Scratchers Sharing in the Online Community


Peer Learning in Your Classroom

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