Scratch Month

Scratch Month is a global celebration of Scratch!

This year, we transformed Scratch Day into Scratch Month! Even though Scratch Month is officially over, we invite you to imagine, create, and share along with us in the Scratch online community any time of the year.

Hear from Eric about what people have made for Scratch Month!

How to Participate


With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Whether you are new to Scratch or a long-time user, we invite you to imagine what you would like to create. Scratch Month brings a playful spirit to those Scratching around the world!


During the month of May, the Scratch Team shared a series of weekly themes. People of all ages were invited to create projects based on any of the themes that inspired them. The weekly themes were published every Monday in May in the “Featured Studios” section of the Scratch online community.

Scratch Month themes and studio links: Here


The Scratch website featured studios for each of the themes launched in May. A studio is like an online gallery: it’s a collection of projects based on a certain theme. You can add Scratch Month projects to the studios to share with the larger online community — as well as see what others around the world have created. Scratch Month theme studios were launched every Monday in May on the Scratch homepage.

Want to learn how to share a Scratch project to a studio? Here’s a step-by-step guide!

Tips for Getting Started

The Scratch Ideas page is a great place to find tips for getting started, tutorials, Scratch Coding Cards, and more, before jumping into Scratch Month themes.

Have limited or no internet access? The downloadable Scratch app allows users to create and save projects with or without an internet connection.

For Younger Children: ScratchJr is a free creative coding app for children (ages 5-7) to program their own interactive stories and games. The ScratchJr Teach page offers educational activities and resources to engage children in a variety of ScratchJr activities. ScratchJr works on an iPad or Android tablet. It’s a great way for younger siblings to engage in Scratch Month!

News and Updates

Calendar Icon The #ScratchAtHome page will continue to provide ideas for engaging in creative coding activities for families and educators. It will be updated regularly with new ideas, events, and resources.
Language Icon Check out other people’s ideas and share your Scratch Month experience on Twitter using the hashtag #ScratchMonth.
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For Educators

The Scratch Month themes are designed to spark project ideas and learning through creative coding at home. The themes offer a variety of topics to engage many interests, styles, and abilities. Studios are also a great place to find inspiration! We invite learners to visit the Scratch Month studios to remix projects that they find interesting. Remixing, or making a copy of a project and modifying it to add new ideas, is a great way to learn to program and create unique projects.