Scratch Camp

Scratch Camp is a special event in the Scratch online community where anyone can join in creating projects on a shared theme and remix each other’s creations.

🎶 Scratch the Musical 🎶

Get ready to make some music! You and your learners are invited to make projects inspired by a series of Scratch the Musical prompts. We’ll begin with a teaser project and then release three consecutive studios, which will be found in the “featured studios” section of the Scratch homepage. We encourage you to remix backgrounds, characters, songs, and entire projects made by other Scratchers!

Want to learn how to share a Scratch project to a studio? Here’s a step-by-step guide!

In Week 2 of Scratch Camp, we’re creating backdrops for Scratch the Musical. Learn how to draw your own backdrop with our new tutorial!


  • August 3rd: Remix the Teaser Project
  • To get a head start, you can remix the Scratch Cat’s teaser project and visit the Camp Headquarters studio to meet the counselors and follow any related discussions. We’ll update this page each week with direct links to the studios below.
  • August 10 (Week 1): Cast of Characters
  • Create characters you want to see in Scratch the Musical.
  • August 17 (Week 2): Stage, Scripts, Props
  • Design backgrounds, write dialogue, compose songs, and more.
  • August 24 (Week 3): World Premiere
  • Combine characters from Week 1, as well as assets created in Week 2, and share your Scratch the Musical with the Scratch Community!

For updates, please follow the Scratch Twitter account and the Scratch homepage.