Scratch is a free visual programming language and online community where anyone can create their own stories, games, and animations. The #ScratchAtHome page provides children, families, and educators with ideas for engaging in creative learning activities in remote or hybrid environments using Scratch.

For Families

Create a Project Together

New to Scratch? Start by creating a project together. Check out our Ideas page for tutorials, activity guides, and more tips to get you started.

Join the Scratch Community

Kids can join the Scratch Community to connect and share their projects with a safe and friendly global community. Click Join Scratch for a free account, or visit our Parents & Guardians page for more information.

More Project Inspiration from Raspberry Pi

Created by our friends at Raspberry Pi, Look After Yourself engages kids in creating a variety of projects focused on self-care and emotional health. These guided activities are packed with tools to de-stress during this very different looking school year.

For Educators

Getting Started with Scratch

New to teaching with Scratch? The Getting Started with Scratch guide covers the basics: from dragging out your first blocks of code to creating your own sprites. It also includes links to our tutorials, coding cards, and other tips to get you and your learners creating in Scratch.

Create a Teacher Account

If you’d like to manage student accounts, consider setting up a Scratch Teacher Account. The Scratch Teacher Accounts guide includes support for account set up, class creation, password tips, and making teacher studios where students can share their Scratch projects with you and their peers.

Create a Scratch Studio for your class

Studios are curated collections of Scratch projects. They can be an effective way to organize student work by class or theme. They’re also a great way to promote collaboration between learners by tracking when students add projects, using the Comments section for peer-to-peer feedback, and nominating student curators.

Scratch Educator page

Looking for more teaching resources? The Scratch Educator page offers a variety of resources to support creative coding from beginner to more advanced learners.

Tips for Teaching with Scratch Remotely from CS First

Created by our friends at CS First, this guide shares tips for remote learning, along with links to a variety of CS First curriculum and resources supporting 4th to 8th grade students in exploring computer science with Scratch.


Have limited or no internet access?

The downloadable Scratch app allows users to create and save projects with or without an internet connection.

For younger kids (4-7)

Younger creators can get started with ScratchJr, a free creative coding app for children (ages 4-7) to program their own interactive stories and games. Check out the ScratchJr Activities Page for activities.

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