“Imagine a World” Activity Guide

In this activity, students can create projects around the theme of imagining a world where anything is possible.


10 minutes

Gather the group in a circle. Start with the prompt “Imagine a world where…” and ask each participant to share their name and one thing they imagine in their world.

Set the tone by starting off the activity. For example, “My name is Maya and I imagine a world where everyone can fly,” or “My name is Devon and I imagine a world where no one goes hungry.”


40 minutes

Spend most of the time helping support students creating projects. Here are two resources students can use.

“Imagine a World” Tutorial

Students can use the “Imagine a World” tutorial on Scratch.


“Imagine a World” Cards

Print these coding cards for students to use.


10 minutes

Gather learners to share their projects. If you have a large group, invite everyone to share with the people sitting next to them. If you have a small group, they can share their projects with the whole group.

You can ask questions, such as: “What are you most proud of?”, “What’s a problem you solved?” and “What would you add if you had more time?”

“Imagine a World” Educator Guide

To plan your class or workshop, download the “Imagine a World” Educator Guide.