Animate a Character Activity Guide

Animating a character is a great way to get started with Scratch! This plan shows how to offer a one-hour class or workshop on this theme.

See an overview of this workshop in action!


10 minutes

First, gather as a group to introduce the theme and spark ideas.
Show a couple of examples for inspiration, like from this Scratch studio.


40 minutes

Spend most of the time helping support students creating projects. Here are two resources students can use.

Animate a Character Tutorial

Students can use the Animate a Character tutorial on Scratch.


Animate a Character Cards

Print these coding cards for students to use.


10 minutes

To conclude, encourage students to share projects and reflect.
Share in small groups, with the whole class, or on the Scratch website.

Animate a Character Educator Guide

To plan your class or workshop, download the Animate a Character Educator Guide.