Africa Code Week

This year, the Scratch Team made resources for Africa Code Week workshops. Dive into the resources below!

“Getting Started with Scratch” booklet

This booklet shows how you and your students can get started creating with Scratch.

Educator Guide and Slides

The Educator Guide will help you offer a creative coding class or workshop using Scratch. Along with the guide is a colorful slide presentation you can show during the workshop to inspire and guide learners. (Same for Scratch 3.0 and Scratch 2.)

“Imagine If” Tutorial Video

This video introduces the Imagine If activity and helps spark ideas.

“Imagine If” Tutorial

Within the Scratch editor, you’ll find tutorials which show learners how to create a variety of projects with Scratch. The Imagine If tutorial is available in Scratch Desktop (3.0) or Scratch online. (Available in Scratch 3.0 only.)

“Imagine If” Coding Cards

The Imagine If Coding Cards give step-by-step directions for creating a project with Scratch. The steps are similar to the tutorial, but with more detail and options.