Monthly Introduction (Curriculum Connections)

In this video, Champika and Sean introduce this month’s theme, Curriculum Connections. How do you connect Scratch to topics? We’d love to hear from you! Please comment below, and/or share on social media using the hashtag #scratchinpractice.


  • Ann Villareal says:

    Our middle school students were studying Rhode Island history. They learned about the Endeavor, a British ship that was purposefully sunk to serve as an obstacle and thwart American shipping efforts. Students designed a game, using a Microbit as a controller. The object of the game is to avoid the trash (wood and bottles) scattered in the water by the British and cross the harbor without sinking.

  • Ann Villareal says:

    Students studied the effects of the Hurricane of 38 and how a lack of weather forecasting caused unnecessary deaths and destruction. They wrote a Scratch “choose your ending” story where “readers” could use a microbit to choose their path through the story. Ultimately, the series of choices leads to a house left intact or a house destroyed by lack of preparation.

  • Joe Druskin says:

    Fifth grade students created animations based on the American Revolution research they conducted. We made the assignment open-ended, prompting them to use Scratch to show what they had learned. Students brainstormed a few ideas as a whole group, including: scrolling text, text-to-speech, and narrators. While creating they shared the sprites that worked best for them to modify into characters from the time and code snippets. The studio is and only partially full right now as students continue to work on them.

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